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As per the rules implemented by the Government of Nepal, there are some procedures that need to be completed before deploying workers to overseas employment. We, as a registered overseas employment recruiter, are bound to follow the following "general procedures" while recruiting workers for overseas employment.  These procedures are the general procedures (in progressive order) practiced by the recruitment agencies. However, some times it may vary according to the country of employment.

  1. Demand confirmation between the Employer and Recruiter (CIS Nepal) through any means of communication.
  2. Recruitment documents prepared and forwarded by the employer to the recruiter and at the same time initiation of sourcing of candidates by the recruiter.
  3. Pre-permission is obtained by the recruiter from the Department of Labour in Nepal and publication of the demand in any national news papers in order to source and select the required candidates.
  4. Final interview conducted by the employer or recruiter in presence of government representative.
  5. Medical examination of the selected candidate is completed and final name list is provided to the government in Nepal and also to the employer for further approval/procedure.
  6. Visa stamping completed is completed and final permission is obtained from the   government in order to deploy workers to the concerned country/companies.
  7. Workers  mobilized by the recruiter and received by the employer

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